Manga: Ane-Doki chapeter 10


My blog just started.  And, already I’m just diving into a series that is in chapter 10.  My apologies.. To get things going, here’s a quick summary:

“The story of Ane Doki is about the 13 year old Kouta Ochiai who meets a mysterious girl on his way home from school. She asks him if she can have some of his ice cream he´s holding but calling him a perv afterward cause she said what he was thinking while watching her eating. Shocked about the reveal, he runs away dropping his Student Handbook by accident. Arriving at home the situation gets out of control completely. His father becomes transferred because of his work and if it isn´t enough being on his own so sudden, the mysterious girl he met before already sitting next to him. By giving back his Student book and the situation Kouta is in right now, she thinks the time to repay the favor for the ice cream is perfect and that taking care of him while his dad is gone will do so. She introduces herself as Natsuki Hagiwara, a 17 year old High School student that will be his maid for the time he´s left on his own” From Wikipedia

As for chapter ten, here’s the rundown.   Natsuki’s sister Chiaki decided to move into Kouta’s house (ch.9), so she can keep an eye on both Natsuki and Kouta.  Chiaki learns everything that goes on between them, and is bend on getting things sorted out and bringing back her older sister to their own home.   During Chiaki’s stay, Natsuki makes her do some housework. It is raveled that she has no idea on doing house cleaning or cooking, every attempts of hers result in failure.  Because of this,  it leads to some great embarrassing revealing moments for the readers including myself.

When Kouta and Natsuki were about to go to bed and do their usual routine (sleeping in the same room in separated beds, but in the morning, end up sleeping next to each other) Chiaki decides to chime in and put a stop this.  She decides to sleep in the same room with them.   As a result, Natsuki’s sleeping habits of “moving around” affect both Chiaki and Kouta during the night, which is very amusing. .

Chiaki background; she goes to an all girls school.  So, any encounter with Kouta becomes to be problematic,  she has little experience interacting with the opposite sex.  As situations become intense, she becomes shy, and backs away to her comfort zone.


Kanade Sakurai didn’t really make a strong presence in this chapter.  But, basically just her calling card when she always seems to  stumble upon a misunderstanding moment and runs away from the unintentional Kouta perverted actions.  This would actually be funny in real life; people literally running away because of a misunderstanding.  Only if… well.. it could happen, in some part of the world.


At the end of the chapter, it just goes back to Kouta’s same problem throughout all of the chapters.. In his mind, he just doesn’t understand the opposite sex..Kouta is quite the confused person.

What Mr. Mask thinks:  The whole Chiaki moving in situation, it actually brings Natsuki and Kouta much more closer together.  They have a common problem, which is Chiaki.  Shes not a bad problem to have by the way.  Kouta can gain some knowledge with dealing with a person like Chiaki, even though he’s still in the lost department when it come females.  And, Kanede  has another threat she has to contend to, not only Natsuki, but now her sister.  In the coming chapters, I see Chiaki playing a bigger role in the development of Kanede and Kouta.  It would benefit her if she helped Kanede, it can force Natsuki out of Kouta’s house.. I could be wrong.. I hope I’m wrong.. The best scenario for me would be Natsuki and Kouta getting involved with each other.. Can’t wait until the next chapter. .


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