Greeting, from Mr. Mask


This is my blog.. there is so much to say.. but this is my first post, so I should relax for the moment.   Hopefully, in the coming days, I will start posting entries.  Just to give out a small break down about this blog.  Most of the post will be about the anime of this summer’s line up and headed up for the upcoming fall.  There will be times that I will talk about anime series from the past.  The reason for that, past series can be a great recommendations for peoeple who are looking for the next series to watch.  I have so many series under my belt,  I just want to spread out the knowledge.  The other topics that I will talk about is manga and a couple of other radom things that interest me.  I live in the big city, so I might take random pictures of myself just strolling around and trying to blend in public.. . thank you for your visit.. hopefully you will come by often to read the happenings of this blog..


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2 responses to “Greeting, from Mr. Mask

  1. Marshmallow

    I’m not a big fan of blogs that are of anime reviews, but I must say, I like that you consider yourself not to be otaku, that just watching anime doesn’t make you otaku. 😀 I don’t even consider myself otaku when I own figures and a dakimakura cover.

    • imnotanotaku

      Thank you for the comment. Yes, I do believe that the otaku label is thrown around very loosely. We just use this form of entertainment instead of other forms of entertainment (TV, sports, video games, music, dancing, shoe collection, model car collection, art collection, political shows, etc.. ) that is simply something that we do as hobby or to kill time in our leisure time.

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